Elma 2700X

Voltage tester with open Clamp.

The Elma 2700X is a very clever re-invention of the voltage tester.

The Elma 2700X has all the same smart features as the Elma x-one, but comes with fixed test leads in extra strong quality, in contrast to the x-one’s detachable and extremely thin and flexible cables. In addition, the instrument housing is stronger and has a more solid design, just as you can “feel” the voltage, as Elma 2700X vibrates when measuring voltage.

The Elma 2700X is a smart multi-tester that combines the voltage tester with an open current clamp, which makes the instrument suitable for most electrical tasks, L-AUS work and detection of voltage-free condition, where it is mandatory to use an instrument that complies with the voltage tester directive.

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IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 600V / IEC 61243-3: 2014

Elma 2700XFeatures:

  • Perfect for measuring on charging sockets and charging stands EVSE for electric cars
  • Voltage test, 2 poles with LEDs 120… 1,000V AC / DC
  • Voltage measurement with digital display 1… 1,000V / 1,500V AC / DC
  • Current measurement with slim current clamp 0-200A
  • Review test
  • Resistance measurement 0-100kΩ
  • Pole finder, one-pole voltage test which indicates the phase
  • Phase sequence / turn field test, 2 poles for 3 phase networks
  • Large clearly lit display and high-efficiency LEDs
  • Self-test and auto on / off function
  • Diode warning in case of dangerous voltage without battery - for L-AUS work
  • Complies with the voltage tester directive for checking the de-energized state
  • Very powerful fixed wires with
  • Interchangeable test tips 2 / 4mm
  • Built-in powerful flashlight
  • Delivered including delicious belt bag

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