What is a Volt Stick?

Sagab Volt Stick 230Y non-contact voltage testerOver 30 years ago we invented  the original Volt Stick - the world's first non-contact voltage tester - to quickly and easily check your work space for the presence of AC voltages.

Just the size of a pen, Volt Sticks provide a convenient safety tool which can instantly detect the presence of an AC voltage, without the need to make physical contact with any potential conducting surfaces or materials.

Why do I need a Volt Stick?

Don't be mistaken in thinking that Volt Sticks are just for electricians!

These simple-to-use, instant voltage testers also provide an essential, life-safety tester for anyone likely to come into contact with energized components or materials.

Metal pipes, enclosures, cables and fittings are all possible electrical safety hazards and a Volt Stick will instantly answer that first, most vital question - Is voltage present or not?

Volt Stick LV50 low voltage ATEX voltage testerConfirming to the user whether or not an area is safe is a crucial safety function of a Volt Stick.
Furthermore, in the right hands, the Volt Stick can also be used as a valuable diagnostic tool. As no current flow is needed for correct operation, Volt Sticks will indicate that live voltages are present in faulty or damaged sockets, switches and junction boxes, when a conventional meter requiring a complete electrical circuit won't!

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