New Volt Stick LV12 launched for US safety market

10th June 2022

Leading non-contact voltage tester brand – Volt Stick – has launched their latest model, the LV12, specifically to meet the needs of the American health & safety market.

Volt Stick LV12 voltage checker

The introduction of the new Volt Stick LV12 follows the huge success of the LV50 in the UK, providing testing sensitivity down to 50v AC in an IECEx-approved intrinsically-safe non-contact voltage tester, which has been adopted as the electrical safety checker of choice for UK utilities network operators including SGN, Cadent Gas, Northern Gas Networks, as well as National Grid UK & US, Thames Water and United Utilities.

Though the universally accepted touch potential safety threshold in the UK is 50v AC, in the US the threshold varies, but can be right down to 15 or 12v AC.

Volt Stick LV12 voltage tester

Therefore, to meet the safety checking needs of engineers in the US utilities sector, the new Volt Stick LV12 has been developed – providing reliable non-contact voltage testing sensitive to just 12 volts. Furthermore, the LV12 has ATEX and IECEx intrinsically-safe approval for use in explosive volatile environments – ideal for safe use in the gas and petrochemical sectors.

Volt Stick LV12 12v intrinsically sage voltage tester

Having already been approved by CenterPoint Energy’s Tool Committee, the first shipment of Volt Stick LV12 units was delivered for their field engineers in May 2022. The LV12 is also currently being assessed by various other US gas distribution network operators keen to implement the device into their field engineer safety procedures.

The Volt Stick LV12 safety checker allows utilities field engineers to test metallic surfaces, pipework and cables to be safe from potentially lethal voltages at the lower levels required by various safety regulations.

Volt Stick LV12 product features:

  • IECEx and ATEX approved voltage indicator for use in explosive atmospheres
  • Voltage indicator with safety handguard to avoid unintentional contact with live conductors
  • Voltage range 12 ~ 1000v AC
  • Fully insulated for safe use
  • Fully approved to IECEX 61010-1, CATIV 1000v AC
  • UKCA & CE approved

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