Bringing Volt Stick to the US gas safety market

16th April 2024

This month Volt Stick went on a trip to the US, introducing the Volt Stick LV12 and LV50 to the US gas safety market.

We recently returned from the US following a whistle stop tour to meet our burgeoning client base of gas utilities providers from across the pond! Our 3-stage trip began by joining our US Distribution partner Irby Utilities and supported them at a variety of regional Gas Association spring meetings and conferences.

Irby Utilities at the Gas Association spring meeting 2024

Secondly, we visited our new customer - TECO Peoples Gas - to meet them in person and witness the use of our LV12 Volt Sticks in the field. Finally, we met with TAMCO to collaborate on developing a new range of own branded Volt Sticks for the US electrical wholesale market. The trip encompassed engaging with partners, customers and collaborators to strengthen our presence and explore new opportunities in the US.

On our first day we joined Irby Utilities at the Southern Gas Association's Spring Meeting and Conference in Columbia, South Carolina. The event had a good turnout and provided the chance to meet with key individuals in the natural gas industry. Additionally, it allowed for valuable interactions with colleagues at Irby Utilities and strengthen relationships within the company. Overall, the event was beneficial for making new connections and reconnecting with colleagues, and gave us the opportunity to learn more about the US Natural Gas Industry.

Day 2, and we flew south to Orlando to support Irby Utilities at the Florida Natural Gas Association's Spring Meeting.

Natural Gas Spring Meeting

The event had a great turnout, and we had the opportunity to meet safety managers and gas technicians from various local Gas Distribution Companies. TECO Peoples Gas are already familiar with - and using - our Volt Sticks, while others were eager to receive samples to try out for themselves. The exhibition provided a valuable opportunity to connect with industry professionals and showcase our products.

Day 3, we drove out west of Orlando to the Lakelands Depot of TECO Peoples Gas to meet with their regional and safety managers. After almost 12 months of phone and email communication, it was great to finally meet them in person. TECO had implemented the LV12 into their safety procedures and agreed to show us how it was used in the field. We were able to film and photograph the Volt Stick LV12 being used to check for dangerous stray voltages on the meter set and attached pipe. Read more in our TECO Peoples Gas Case Study.

TECO Peoples Gas Engineers

The trip concluded with a visit to meet TAMCO's product managers in Port St Lucie. TAMCO is the own-branding division of City Electrical Supplies, which operates over 700 branches in the US and Canada. A great opportunity to discuss the development of Volt Sticks for TAMCO's F4P range and to adjust settings to meet their customer needs.


The trip was successful and strengthened relationships with partners and customers and provided a great insight into the US market. At Volt Stick we are looking forward to continued collaboration and growth in the region and for further information about Volt Stick in the US, you can visit

TECO Peoples Gas – Florida

TECO Peoples Gas has been supplying safe and resilient Natural Gas to Florida since 1895. TECO Peoples Gas currently have around 11,000 miles of gas mains, catering to over 470,000 customers in the state.

They were recently recognised by the American Gas Association (AGA) as an industry leader in accident prevention, fostering a culture for safety by avoiding serious injury through proactive safety training, and updated job procedures and policies.

TECO Peoples Gas Florida

TECO's Safety Managers conducted field tests on the Volt Stick LV50 and provided feedback suggesting that the more sensitive Volt Stick LV12 might be more suitable. Following this feedback, samples of the Volt Stick LV12 were sent out for further field tests, and after a few months, TECO approved the use of the Volt Stick LV12 as part of their daily routine for all work orders.

When a TECO Gas Tech arrives at a job, they perform an initial walk-through to identify visible hazards. They then proceed to inspect all metallic pipe and the meter set for Electrical Hazards by using the Volt Stick LV12 to check both the Customer side and the Street side of the installation, checking any tracer wires, bonding or grounding is safe from any stray voltage. This safety measure aims to ensure the protection of both the technician and the customers and by conducting thorough checks, the company aims to mitigate potential risks and ensure a safe working environment.

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