What is an Elma X One?

Elma X One -  is the go to tool for most troubleshooting jobs.

Elma X One available from Volt Stick

What is the Elma X One?

The Elma X One is a Voltage Tester, a Current Tester and a Continuity Tester, all in one smartly designed meter, giving Electricians and Electrical Engineers everything they will need for everyday troubleshooting in one robust easy to use meter that can be carried in the supplied belt case, saving space and time!

Where can the Elma X One be used?

The Elma X One is CAT IV 600v rated, so it can be used on the incoming Single or 3 Phase Supplies, making it ideal for Domestic, Commercial or Industrial areas.

With its rugged IP65 design and built in torch the Elma X One can be safely used outside in wet or dusty conditions.

Having a maximum current draw of 3.5mA, the Elma X One will avoid unwanted tripping of RCD’s and RCBO’s .

elma x one available now from Volt Stick

What are the key features of the Elma X One?

The key feature of the Elma X One is its simplicity to use!

Auto ranging voltage can be measured even in tight spaces with the GS38 compliant slim interchangeable 2-4mm leads and switching to read current couldn’t be quicker or easier using the Open Jaw Clamp!

With its compact design and handy probe storage the Elma X One easily fits in one hand, with one probe left in the slot on the back, the meter becomes an extended handle for the probe and leaves your other hand free to use the second lead.

If you’re in a tight spot use the HOLD button to save your reading until you are able to see the screen.

From a safety perspective, The Elma X One can be used as a Single Pole Tester, so will still indicate a voltage if there is an issue with the Neutral Phase and will also confirm a live Voltage if your batteries have run dead.

The Elma X One can also be used for a 2 Pole Test to prove dead as part of Safe Isolation! (IEC/EN 61243-3).

Elma X One Features:

  • AC/DC Voltage to 1000V
  • TRMS 200A AC measurement with slim open jaw current clamp
  • True RMS on ACV/ACA
  • Resistance measurement 0-50kΩ and continuity test
  • Inrush Current
  • Phase Rotation – 2 Pole
  • Single pole voltage test indicating Phase
  • LED & LCD Display
  • Data Hold
  • Measures voltage without batteries
  • IP65
  • Self-test and auto on/off function
  • GS38 compliant interchangeable test leads tips 2/4mm with standard 4mm plug
  • Built-in powerful flashlight

Elma X One complies with IEC 61010-1 Cat IV 600V / IEC 61243-3:2014 and comes complete with batteries, test leads, manual and handy bag.

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